Zavelstraat 49
B-1760 Roosdaal

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Filip Tack was born in Kortrijk - Belgium, and studied interior architecture at the Henry Van de Velde-institute in Antwerp and the Politecnico di Milano.

After five years of working for the Antwerp based Conix Architects, Filip started working for interior architect François Marcq in Brussels. From then on, the art of designing and the eye for every detail became more and more important.

In 2005 Filip Tack started his own design studio: FilipTackdesignoffice. From 2005 to 2010 he was also part-time lecturer ‘design’ at the Sint-Lucas Architecture-school in Ghent.

Today, FTdo designs and supervises residential constructions as well as offices and retail projects. Via clear lines and timeless simplicity, FTdo designs highend and sustainable projects that fit with your personality.

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