FilipTackdesignoffice designs total projects in which interior, architecture and exterior form extensions of one another. The focus mostly starts from the interior. This is the nearest space around us. It is important to have it well organised and well balanced. From this point of view, FTdo designs and supervises residential premises as well as offices and retail projects.

Positive Space

Positive space means to say ‘yes’ to the use of natural light, the search for ‘quality of space’ and finding the right balance between various elements. Peace & quiet are important values, not in the sense of pure minimalism, but within the context of a thorough search for simplicity and functionality.

Executed by highly experienced craftsmanship

FilipTackdesignoffice works together with specialised craftsmen to realise different types of projects. Every single project demands the participation of the right people with the right professional competences and skills within their chosen field. An architect, an engineer, a landscape architect or other professionals are also engaged wherever this is deemed necessary in order to turn each assignment into a total project.

Styled with the right furniture and pieces

Once the architectural goals are achieved, the project comes to life by selecting and adding the right furniture, objects and accessories. That’s the moment when a space becomes a place.

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tailormade. architectural. interiors.

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